Hydraulic pump oil in the form straight helical wheel cylinder plunger

24 septembre 2019

U.S. pump system efficiency depends on the volumetric efficiency of hydraulic pumps, when the volumetric efficiency drops to 72% on the need for regular maintenance, replacement of bearings and seals of aging, but also beyond the friction pairs with the gap repair or replacement parts, its performance is restored. Pump maintenance mode:

1. Hydraulic pump oil in the form straight helical wheel cylinder plunger disc pressure-type power supply from the oil type two. Pressure for large liquid-type oil pump pressure with a pressure tank are also meeting with the oil pump with the body of the wheel cylinder to the pump inlet to provide pressure oil from the liquid-type oil absorption. Since the oil pressure pump are strong, no external oil supply. Hydraulic cylinder is found that the rate of decline or boring shall, on the pump when the vehicle maintenance, check the impeller has the edge now is like scraping injury, internal gear pump gap is too large. The liquid from the Xiyou, pump plug cylindrical pressure not less than the oil tank oil standard minimum guarantee to hold enough Zu, quantity of hydraulic oil. Cleanliness of hydraulic oil pressure pump more liquid, high-life is longer.

2. Hydraulic piston pump with the bearing axis of the most important is a commitment to the Department, if in bearing clearance, the Department can not permit the pump fluid friction pairs and three pairs of normal space, but also the bad break, vice rub hydrostatic bearing oil film thickness and reduce the axial hydraulic shop press factory plunger pump with a commitment to life. According to information provided by pump manufacturers are flat bearings, life is 10000h, more than this for more to be on the value of the new port. Axis to unloading demolition contractors, not professional testing equipment is unable to detect a gap axis travel commitments, and can only use visual, such as the table changes roller or marks that are looking plan, to be replaced. In should be, for attention when the bearing shaft bearing the letters and the original model, the pump shaft bearing columns are large stuffed bearings with large load capacity, it is best to buy the original rules of the original cell, home plant products, if the replacement of another brand, Bearings should teach you experienced person on the look-up table on the exchange, the purpose is to maintain the fine degree of commitments such as class and load capacity of shaft.

3. Three pairs and vice scoured repair search

(1) set of Bronze inlaid cylinder body, can be used to replace copper sleeve for remediation. The first column group of a first stopper rod and trimmed to uniform size diameter, and then outside diameter of more than 1000 light throwing sand paper.

(2) melting tank-style guitar body together with the copper side sets.

(3) work surface table "with the mining process technology

(4) cylinder bore no material body Brass cylinder sets are mostly ductile iron, non-crystalline state in the cylinder wall film or coating on the prepared system.

Because the cylinder bore wall with special special quality of this thing, so to form a hard - hard-blind fruit, such as the friction pair. Deputy to grinding cylinder bore, this layer of the cylinder bore wall surface of the table out of wood materials research, more of the structure and properties of friction will change the layer to be painted out. Of friction, if the force used, that can wear warm drama degree of surface friction increased urgency, the plunger rod and cylinder Kong Fasheng glue. Also in the column table prepared noodle bar plug a unique thin film coating, the coating containing lubricating antifriction wear + wearable + group this can actually work, or vice rub hard - soft match, once people become coated with layer change to will undermine the best of friction material characteristics matching those amendments this reason, special piston pump, it is necessary to the professional repair shop.

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